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Dog Car Seat Belt Set (2pcs)


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Keep still when things get rough ‘n tough
When the road gets windy and bumpy, your car can feel uncomfortable. For dogs, it’s even worse, and they are more sensitive to motion and noise. Keep your pet secure and safe from sudden brakes and bumps in the car with our Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt.
Dog Car Seat Belt Set (2Pcs)Dog Car Seat Belt Set (2Pcs)
Dog Car Seat Belt Set (2Pcs)
Buckle up
Like a leash, our seat belt has an adjustable leash with buckle that clips to secure snugly to any headrest in a car. When secure, the clip on the leash snaps to any dog collar you have on your pet.
Adjustable to any
dog or headrest
Our Adjustable Dog Seat Belt is adjustable from 6.7 – 9.8 inches for the head loop, and the length of the clip-on leash is 15.7 – 27.6 inches. This scalable size makes the leash perfect for pets of any size or breed.
Dog Car Seat Belt Set (2Pcs)
  1. Avatar Of O****A


    It is better for our dog and vehicle than seat belts that fasten into a seat belt slot. Those release if the button is pushed – like when a dog steps on it. This attachment to the headrest does not have that problem. Easy to attached/remove from the headrest if necessary but holds a dog in the backseat properly. No jumping out a window or open door; no injury from being thrown into the front seat if there’s a sudden stop; etc. Clips onto a loop on the chest side of a vest-type collar. I wouldn’t want to attach any restraint on a “choke” collar.

  2. Avatar Of F****S


    I have two chihuahuas that I need to keep under control when I’m driving. One wants to be in my lap and the other wants to be all over the car, including under my feet. I tried the box type car seat for them, but they didn’t like it and wanted to jump out. It was also hard to put together and install. When I found the headrest restraint it works perfectly for them. They are restrained but there is enough room for them to lay down in the seat or stand up and look out the window. They are under control so I can safely drive. I bought a second one so I can take them both at the same time. So easy to install, just pop over the headrest. Hook their little harnesses up and we are ready to roll.

  3. Avatar Of R****R


    It didn’t fit around the headrest in my back seat so limited to the adjustable head rest in the front. But it is great quality and came very quickly.

  4. Avatar Of P****E


    Wish I had found these years ago. My dogs already wear harnesses for their walks so it’s easy to clip onto. It makes me feel comfortable rolling down the window for them (I always had a fear they might jump out), and the extra added peace of mind that they are secured in case of accident is great. Older styles of dog seatbelts I’d looked into were way too complicated. These are so easy to slip over the headrests, clip on, and go! My only criticism is that they should be able to be adjusted even shorter.

  5. Avatar Of V***T


    Totally worth it!. Fasten to back ring on dog harness which gives your pet security and room to move! So glad I had it for a 6 hour car ride!

  6. Avatar Of L***Y


    My dog is so small any seatbelts restraints in the pet stores weigh more than she does. I love this one, I have a super soft harness that I attach the restraint to. It is adjustable so my dog can sit or lay down. If I have a passenger I just slide it to the back side of the headrest, there is no need to remove it. For added safety I slip the seatbelt through it.

  7. Avatar Of H****L


    I’m glad we got this style restraint which attaches to the top of the seat around the headrest posts rather than the type which latches into a seat belt buckle. Having the restraint come from above the dog is much neater and avoids tangling up in the dog’s legs. Great price and quality. Convenient to leave in the car so we’ll have to get another one for another vehicle.

  8. Avatar Of V***A


    I love this. I just adopted a 3 year old mix breed. He wants to be on my lap at all times. This isn’t safe when I drive so we now have a system. He gets in the backseat. I put his harness on and hook it to his “seat belt”. This goes securely around the headrest and keeps him in the backseat. It also keeps him safe from sudden stops. Last week while driving an old 2 lane highway a truck in oncoming traffic decided he was going to pass. The problem was that I was in my lane and he was heading straight for me. I had no where to go. I slammed on my brakes which allowed him the extra second to get back on his side of the road. Since Murphy had his harness and belt on he was safe and secure in his seat. Remember, DO NOT CONNECT THIS TO YOUR DOG’S COLLAR. ALWAYS USE SOME SORT OF HARNESS!!!

  9. Avatar Of P****I


    Me and my dog take the 5 hour drive up to our cabin every few weeks. I’ve always worried about him trying to jump out of the car when I stop for gas or when I take them out of the car for a rest stop along the way. He’s always been good dog, staying in the back seat, but I really wanted that extra insurance that they’d stay. One of my recent trips, I had to jam on the brakes and my little guy went flying around in the back and that was the final straw – I couldn’t have something happen to him. I looked at both types of restraints – the over the headrest and the clip into the seatbelt clip and settled on these because I can also use them as a leash when we make our “pit stop”. I’m very happy with how they work, though I’m still finding the proper adjustment for him so that they can lie down but not get them under their legs. I think it’s more a matter of the dog getting settled in his beds – which is another reason these restraints work well – they don’t require me to move the bed around to clip them into the seatbelt clip.

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