MageWorx Inventory Management

MageWorx Inventory Management is a powerful Magento 2 Inventory Management Extension that enhances businesses’ stock and inventory control systems by facilitating efficient management. It comprises such capabilities as live stock taking, automated stock updates, and in-depth analysis to help businesses achieve the best inventory system.

Magestore Inventory Management

Magestore Inventory Management is designed to help Magento stores handle inventories as required. With features like real-time stock tracking, automated stock updates and detailed reporting, this Magento Inventory Management Tool helps streamline inventory processes, save money and reduce costs.


Odoo is an open source inventory management tool that provides a comprehensive suite of applications to manage your business operations. This solution combines real-time tracking system with autoreplenishment and detailed reports, making it an excellent choice for companies of all sizes.


ShipHero is a comprehensive Shopify inventory management software designed for Shopify stores. This system helps businesses to consolidate and enhance their supply chain systems through various aspects like real-time tracking of stock levels, order administration, and shipping solutions.


Sellbrite is a multi-channel inventory management Shopify software designed for Shopify stores. It enables businesses to manage their inventory, orders and listings across different sales channels through a single platform. Through Sellbrite, merchants can streamline their multi-channel operations and improve overall efficiency.


Katana is a cloud inventory Shopify software designed specifically for Shopify stores. It is equipped with tools which allow real-time inventory tracking, order management and production planning thereby allowing businesses to optimize their inventory and production processes effectively.


Syncio is a Shopify multi store inventory tool that helps businesses synchronize inventory across multiple Shopify stores in real-time. It enables vendors to manage inventory levels, automatically update inventories and stop over-selling in order to provide seamless multi-store experience.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a comprehensive inventory management software that helps businesses manage their stock, orders, and warehouse operations efficiently. Real-time stock tracking, order management and multichannel sales are some of its features which enable the businesses to streamline their inventory management processes and increase customer satisfaction.


Kladana is a Cloud-based software for inventory designed to streamline and optimize inventory operations for businesses of all sizes. In addition, these functions include livestock tracking, automated resupplying of stocks and in-depth analysis of this type to ensure a business is able to handle its inventory well hence minimizing costs.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management is a versatile plugin designed to streamline inventory control across multiple locations for WooCommerce stores. This tool allows businesses to manage stock levels, track shipments, and optimize inventory allocation efficiently.