Syncio Overview

What is Syncio?

Syncio is a Shopify multi store inventory tool that helps businesses synchronize inventory across multiple Shopify stores in real-time. It enables vendors to manage inventory levels, automatically update inventories and stop over-selling in order to provide seamless multi-store experience.


With Syncio, you can make use of different inventory locations so that you only have to send the products to certain warehouses. Sync product data such as images, prices, keywords and descriptions. Shopify multi store inventory tool synchronizes orders, fulfillment, and tracking. Use the payments tool to calculate revenue sharing/splitting. 

Syncio makes it easy for Shopify store owners to manage stocks across multiple outlets by syncing real-time. This program is a must-have for companies that run many online shops due to its ability to automate tasks and integration with other platforms. Here are advantages of Shopify multi store inventory tool.


  • Inventory sync and real-time stock change by SKU or barcode.
  • Sync and customize product information, including description, price, tags, photos, and more.
  • Sync order data for fulfillment and generate revenue splits/payouts.
  • Automate inventory updates to prevent manual errors and save time.
  • Ensure accurate stock levels to avoid overselling.

Overall Rating


Ease of Use9/10


Templates & Design9/10


SEO & Marketing5/10



Customer Support8/10

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